Commitment to Superior Customer Service

value1Our customers are more than just clients, they are our business partners. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping them succeed through customized product development and full staff collaboration that ensures optimal results.
We combine the highest product quality and technological innovation with flexibility, efficiency and professionalism to provide superior customer service.

Innovative Technology

value2The J. Brosh Industrial Group is committed to innovation. We employ experienced professionals capable of developing new products and improving manufacturing processes. Our state of the art laboratories are consistently upgraded to meet market changes and technological advancements with a dedication to uncompromising quality control, maintaining our clients’ status as industry leaders.

Family Business

value3Led by two generations of the Brosh family for 40 years, our employees have become part of an extended family. We devotedly care for this family through good times and bad, recognizing that our loyal, experienced and professional staff is the source of our strength, excellence and quality.


value4Having grown together with the State of Israel, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the prosperity of the nation and its citizens of every race, religion and gender. To that end, we proudly employ Israeli and Palestinian citizens of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions, and our management staff, comprised of both Israeli and Palestinian citizens, is evenly split between Jews and Muslims, demonstrating that multiculturalism and respect for every individual can provide the basis for positive daily co-existence.

Social responsibility

value5We strongly believe that any company is part of the community in which it operates, and therefore is obliged to contribute and strengthen its community. We put emphasis on implementing various social responsibility policies within our operations, as well as on giving back to our local community through various volunteering and philanthropist initiatives. Examples include:

• Cooperation with local college Ort Braude, allowing its students to train and intern at our facilities as part of their studies towards a degree in Industrial Engineering.
• Cooperation with Israeli Taasiyeda association, a non-profit organisation striving to develop Israeli youth by allowing them access to technological know-how available at industrial companies.
• Cooperation with Israeli Hameshakem company, which provides a rehabilitation-based working environment for people with various disabilities.
We follow all Israeli labour regulations and hold SMETA social responsibility accreditation by SEDEX organization.

Environmental Responsibility

value6We believe that future generations deserve a cleaner and healthier planet. Therefore, we constantly strive to minimize the environmental effect of our operations. The waste produced during our manufacturing processes is recycled and reprocessed, conserving energy and reducing our consumption of raw materials.
We comply with all Israeli environmental regulation and are committed to identifying additional green solutions in the future.