Industrial packaging

Salina polypropylene packaging has many characteristics which make it especially suitable for packing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs:

  • Strong and flexible film
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Strong barrier to water and vapors
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, fats, gas and fungus
  • Withstands temperatures up to 130°C
  • Dimensional stability
  • Takes an excellent printed image

These characteristics make Salina film highly suitable for:

  • Reels of films for VFFS/HFFS automated packaging machines
  • Bags for hand packaging

Extended shelf life

Salina helps you extend the shelf life of your produce by employing various methods of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Through the use of various perforation patterns, the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be modified and maintained, thus extending the shelf life of fresh produce. For more information, refer to “Our Technology”.

Options and Additions: Salina manufactures exclusively to customer specification, offering many options:

  • Size according to specifications
  • HD printing up to 8 colors on both sides
  • Micro and macro perforation enabling fresh produce to breath
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Microscopic perforation (Laser)
  • Microperforations on one or two sides
  • Permanent or re-sealable adhesive tape for bag closing
  • Highest quality printing in up to eight colors
  • Bags available as separate units, grouped on wickets or blocked
  • Size according to specifications
  • Rolls for automatic packaging machines
  • Cut sheets in different sizes

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