Technology and production process

  • Salina Industries (1972) Ltd. produces and supplies film, bags and conical sleeves of single and multilayer polypropylene. Production is fully integrated from the extrusion process to the finished product.
  • Salina BOPP (Biaxially oriented Polypropylene) Film is produced by a flat extrusion Stenter process, in thickness range 20µ - 50µ.
  • Salina CPP (Cast PP) film is unoriented polypropylene film produced by a flat extrusion process in thickness range 25µ - 180µ.
  • Salina has years of experience producing film for FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) machines as well as flower sleeves for automated packaging of fresh flowers.

Tailor your packaging needs

Salina Industries (1972) Ltd. is fully integrated from the manufacture of raw material into single and multilayer CPP and BOPP master rolls, dedicated from the start of the process to customer orders, and to the final conversion according to customer specifications. Among our products:

All of our products have a wide variety of options to choose from:

Printing in up to 8 colors
Salina offers flexographic printing in up to 8 colors, including process and screen printing. Our printing department works closely with our customers to enable us to execute the highest quality of printing for customer packaging.

Air holes (punched) and Microperforation
All of our products can be perforated according to density and layout specified by the customer

Microscopic (Laser) perforation
This advanced technology is intended to prolong shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables and “ready to eat” salads.

Antifog/Anti-mist treatment maintains the clarity of the packaging of your fresh produce.

Special for rectangular bags:
Bottom Gusset
Can be packed loose or grouped on metal wickets or blocked
Permanent or Resealable Adhesive Tape

Special for conical sleeves:
Specifications for machine packaging of fresh flowers
Closed bottom for potted plants
Special wavy top cuts or Y-shaped cuts to increase the appeal of your bouquet.